Theatre 8

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Would you like to be involved but not sure what you could do?


Directing - This person is responsible for the entire production. This includes casting, sourcing production helpers etc.  This person has the support and help of the entire club.
Producing -Helps the Director and takes on roles such as coordinating with publicity person, looking after the background tasks. 

Acting - On stage in a specific character performing in shows.


Stage Managing - The person is responsible for the coordination of the stage crew and all stage related task for the performance. They direct what is to be done between scenes and coordinate the actors to the stage for cues.  The Stage Manager is in charge of the entire production once the play moves into performances. They take over from the director.  

Stage Crew - Under the direction of the stage manager, they change sets during performances and help the stage manager in any way needed.  Size of role is dependant on the type of production.

Lighting and Sound Operator - This person operates the lighting and sound needed for a production.


Wardrobe and Costume Coordinator – Looks after the costumes: this involves maintaining the costumes, liaising with the director about their vision.  Looks after sourcing and/or creating costumes for the cast.  This person may not have sewing abilities but coordinates what costumes are needed and delegates to members that do sew or sources existing costumes from elsewhere and casts wardrobes.

Hair and Make-Up - Under the Director's instructions they are responsible for the actors make-up before performances and any make-up changes needed during performances. E.g. the addition of a black eye. 

Hair - Under the Director's instructions they style the actors hair before and during performances.


Set Designer - Designs the set needed for the production bringing the Director's vision to life.  This may be a simple set with a few flats or a large box set. 

Set Builders - Building the set. This usually requires a fair amount of people and is coordinated by the stage manager, director or set designer.  

Set Painters - This can require simply painting a wall one colour or an integrate landscape painting. All levels of painting abilities are welcome.  


Front of House coordinator – This involves contacting and putting together a team of members each night to sell programs, serve alcohol at our licensed bar, usher or sell tickets. before a show and can include the co-ordination of supplying a dinner for some of the shows we produce.  

Program sellers - Sells programs at performances

Kitchen Coordinator - Organises the tea/coffee and snacks/meals available at performances. This can be an extremely busy task during performances, especially for our Christmas shows. Also coordinates the kitchen helpers.  

Kitchen Helpers - Help in the Kitchen before and during performances selling tea, coffee and snacks. In production that require meal service, Kitchen Helpers will have to serve each course and set cutlery required and help clean up at the end of the night. 

Ushers - show people to seats and sit in auditorium during show to ensure quiet or to assist anyone needing to exit safely.


President- This roles overseas the entire club. He or she runs the committee meetings, annual general meetings and many other items or tasks. 

Theatre Manager– Aids the president/chairperson in duties and steps into president role if the president is unable to fulfil role.

Secretary - takes all the minutes at the meetings, collates paperwork and is responsible for compiling the meeting minutes. Also looks after the club email and writes and sends out any correspondence. 

Treasurer – looks after groups finances including banking, writing cheques and paying any bills/invoices in consultation with the committee. 

Committee - there are 6 committee positions. these roles aid in decisions concerning the ongoing operations of the club. All positions are held for a one year term. Committee members are expected to attend committee meetings once a month with possible ongoing tasks in-between. 

Teen 8 Youth Productions

Teen 8 Coordinator - Prepares and runs the drama classes each week and is the Director of any shows performed as well as liaising with venue bookings. Coordinates with treasurer the session fee’s and reports back to the committee regarding the class. Also holds a Working with Children Check card and a Senior First Aid Certificate. 

Junior Teen 8 helpers - Helps within the classes and performances if needed. Supports the teachers and children within their ability. If over 18 holds a Working with Children Check card.

Thankyou to Bunbury Repertory Club for allowing us to use their words